Bartlett High School Clothes Closet

What if church leaders around America took a new look at the role of church in their communities? We know that in all but the most highly resourced areas, public schools are struggling. Programs are being cut, class sizes are on the rise, maintenance budgets are cut to the bone, and most challenging of all, children are increasingly arriving to school with their most basic needs – food, warm clothing, and reliable shelter – unmet, adding to the burden on our local schools.

We believe that churches serving schools can make a difference – and you can help.

Together, let’s ENGAGE!

Tom Ruggles | Director - Engage

Today I manage the kitchen at the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission. I have a crew of 9 men that I have scheduled to prep, cook, and serve 3 meals a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year.I also am in charge of Food and kitchen items that are donated daily that are produce, protein, dairy, and all dry goods. We have accepted donations daily to then provide a meal to anyone who comes through the door. Feeding the Hungry continues to be my mission that God uses me daily as a blessing to be the servant I amand willing to take the time to volunteer and help those that have a need.

My other jobs consist of volunteering at LifeSpring with coffee and donuts on Sunday, PointMen, and catering to the needs. 

Connie Masuhara | Coordinator - Engage