At LifeSpring we strive to join together as women abiding in Jesus and seeking a victorious life together. Our mission is to arm women with truth, conquer lies that enslave us, and walk freely in the redemption of Jesus.

We desire to see women live authentic lives stripped of condemnation, shame, and façades of perfection. We believe Jesus makes us beautiful when we live honest, transparent lives seeking Him despite flaws and brokenness.

Our desire at LifeSpring is to be sisters, doing life together, despite the messiness, living victoriously with a Savior who has the power to change us.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe and "real" environment  where woman of all ages, backgrounds, and stages of life can grow together in Christ while loving each other well.  We pledge to focus on Christ while:

   - Teaching Biblical Principles
   - Fostering healthy relationships
   - Strengthening prayer lives
   - Learning how to have fun

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more or join the Women's Ministry please e-mail pellzitham@lifespringak.com or find us on The City.  All women over 18 are welcome!

Pellzitha J. McCormick | Administration and Pastor of Women's Ministries

As a mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, I believe that every woman is capable of something remarkable. My belief that all women are capable of achieving the potential God sees in them is something that strongly influences my work as a pastor, as well as a motivational speaker through the company I own Pellzitha. I want them to be exactly the kind of extraordinary person that God wants them to be. I have been working as an Administrator & pastor at Life Spring Bible Church Inc. for the past five years. This is a privilege that i share with my husband of thirty-five years. I have also been working with children, student, and women's ministries for over thirty years. Before that, my degree in Human Resources allowed me to work for the Anchorage School District for fourteen years an administrative Assistant.