Community is vital to the health of any church.  At LifeSpring we have launched "The City”, a communication tool to encourage service and discipleship with each other as we continue to grow as a church family within our community.  The City allows you to easily find a ministry and/or volunteer group to join.  It helps you stay current with real time news and upcoming events.

The City is...

  • An online community
  • Our primary tool for communication
  • Our system for Child Check-in so we can keep your kids safe while in Children's Church
  • A secure and easy way to give online

THE CITY IS NOT a way for us to track your weekly attendance or badger about giving.

The people and groups in The City are mainly the people and groups who attend our church. Every part of The City is designed to lead our church into deeper community with tools that build connection and encourage growth as we share the light of Jesus with each other and the world. 

The best way to get invited is to come to church this Sunday and ask anyone wearing a LifeSpring badge.  Otherwise you can request access on this page.